About us

The roots of the congregation go back to 1996, when Monika Holíková founded and led the church congregation in Očová. In 2010, the former members of this choir reunited and under the new artistic leadership of Olga Bystrianska created a women’s choir, which was named after the famous native of Očová – Matej Bel Funtík. Since 2013 the choir has been functioning independently as a civil association. The choir enriches the spiritual and cultural life not only in its region, but also beyond the borders of Slovakia. In 2015, the choir accepted an invitation to the European festival ECHO in Hodonín (Czech Republic) and in 2018, in cooperation with the chamber choir Viva Musica, it gave a concert in Serbia – Novy Sad, Báčsky Petrovec. The Belius Choir is constantly opening up for new projects and collaborations. The choir’s performances are enriched by choreographic elements – costumes, movement and body percussion. The choir’s repertoire consists of sacred compositions, folk songs in arrangement, gospel and contemporary choral works.