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About Belius

For the needs of Catholic parish in Očová was in 1996 established Christian choir by Mgr. Monika Holíková. The choir performed at Sunday Masses, religious holidays and ceremonies, mostly. The choir repertory included the Christian spiritual songs (Early music) and present youth songs. Choir worked under the parish till 2010. 

In 2010 was the choir transformed into female choir which started to work under professional guidance of MgA. et Mgr. art. Oľga Budinská at Art school in Očová. The choir repertory contains spiritual songs and folklore song in artistic treatment. Belius participated at concerts organized by Art school in Očová, different events in Zvolen and in May 2013 got its first significant award, together with Campana choir from Breznička – Gold zone award at international festival Festa Choralis in Bratislava, Slovakia.

From September 2013 is Choir Belius working as civic association named „Female choir Beliusbased in Očová, independently. The name „Belius“ was chosen according to Matej Bel Funtík, a native of Očová. The intention of choir Belius is to support a development of cultural and spiritual life in region of Podpoľanie. It participates in cultural events organized by village Očová, which the most members come from. Belius organizes its own performances and concerts in native village, close villages (Zvolenská Slatina, Vígľaš, Dúbravy, Lieskovec, Detva, Zvolen) and in wider surroundings. It participates in festivals and regional events in Zvolen (Gorazdove dni).

In the future, the female choir Belius plans to continue in its activities under the artistic guidance of Oľga Budinská. It will participate in domestic and foreign festivals where Belius wants to present not only its abilities, but also to represent its village, region and country.

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